Irrigation Systems

Watering your lawn and garden with multiple hoses and the proverbial watering can is time consuming and may not ensure that your lawn and garden are properly watered. A sure-fire way to maintain your lawn and garden is through the installation of an underground irrigation system.

Automatic sprinkler systems are ideal for ecologically-minded homeowners. By incorporating sprinkler controls that precisely manage watering times and rain sensors that turn your system off when there is an adequate amount of rainfall, your property can maintain its health and vitality.

Our team of irrigation specialists use only commercial-grade materials and installation techniques to ensure a long-lasting and virtually care-free irrigation system. We offer state of the art systems such as drip systems, pop up spray heads, and stream rotors. The manufacturers we use are Rainbird and Weathermatic.

Not only will we install your irrigation system, but we will also maintain it as well. In the spring, we can visit your property to perform a thorough inspection and activation of your irrigation system. This comprehensive diagnostic examination includes the analysis of your sprinkler controls to ensure proper watering time and water consumption, as well as pressurizing the sprinkler lines to check for any leaks and adjusting the sprinkler heads to maximize landscape coverage. 

As the warm season progresses, we can also make adjustments to the nozzles, controllers and heads, depending upon the needs of your landscape and the ever-changing weather conditions in order to ensure your sprinklers are running at peak efficiency and wasting no water.

 When fall and winter arrive, we can return once more to winterize your irrigation system. This process includes closing the backflow device, turning off all controllers and using an air compressor to blow the water out of the irrigation lines. Winterizing your system in this manner will prevent standing water in your lines from freezing and creating broken or cracked pipes.

As an additional service, we also offer backflow testing, certification, and repair.