Retaining Walls

A garden is more than just plants and flowers. Retaining structures often play a key role in maintaining the beauty and functionality of your landscape. Retaining walls are attractive, solid, stand the test of time, and enhance the look of your yard. 

Retaining walls can be built for major structural erosion control to simple outdoor landscape design.  How that structure is constructed and what materials are chosen are decisions that you and our expert design team can make together to ensure that the installation enhances the existing landscape, not detract from it.

The Pacific Northwest offers a wide selection of natural stone to choose from that can compliment any existing landscape. Whether you are looking for a seating wall, raised planting beds, or you want an attractive way to enhance a drab hillside, our experienced team will help you choose the correct materials and design a retaining structure that not only sets off the garden, but is also functional and beautiful.