Fire Pit 101

Fire pits have become an increasingly popular addition to backyard landscapes, and for good reason. Not only do they provide warmth, ambiance, and a focal point, but they also serve as a gathering spot for family and friends. The value that a fire pit can bring to your outdoor living space is high. Here, we’ll share some tips on how to choose, install, and maintain a fire pit in your backyard.

When choosing a fire pit, the first thing to consider is the size and style that will best suit your needs and the overall design of your outdoor space. There are a variety of fire pit options available, from traditional wood-burning pits to gas-powered and even portable models.

The next step is to select a location that is safe and away from any structures or combustible materials. Often, fire pits look best when integrated into a flagstone or paver patio. We can help produce a design that best fits your space.

Fire pits require little maintenance and can be enjoyed for many years.

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February 8, 2023

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