Seasonal Cleanup

Northwest winters can have a profound effect on your property. Because of this, just before the winter season or after winter is over your property may need some extra care and attention. Keeping your lawn healthy and flower beds clean and free of leaves will allow spring to arrive with a beautifully maintained landscape.

The circulation and air your landscape needs can easily be deprived by compacted leaves and soil that are compounded even more by winds, ice, and precipitation. If the leaves are left in the beds this will provide a perfect growing place for weeds that come springtime will take over your garden and cause the need for a much larger cleanup once the weather clears. Leaves will also cause your lawn to grow unevenly and in patches.

Our seasonal cleanups will provide you with a complete cleanup of your landscape in the spring and fall that will make it much easier to keep up the beautiful appearance of your landscape and encourage healthy growth year round. Our seasonal cleanup service includes deep edging all beds, raking bed areas, removing debris, installing new mulch as needed as well as installing pre-emergent weed control.