Seasonal Color

Immerse yourself in living color! The best gardens include dramatic splashes of color and spectacular plants for every season, allowing you to have an ever changing tapestry of vibrancy all year round.

You are definitely not limited to the same floral arrangements season after season. Verdant greens and lots of moisture add up to stunning garden possibilities in the Pacific Northwest. Our seasonal color experts will assist you in designing and choosing the most vibrant annuals for your garden, keeping displays looking fresh each season.

At Pacific Landscape Management, our crews are trained and knowledgable to design, maintain, and install a seasonal color program with the right mix of color, texture, and maintenance for any property. Whether you are a homeowner looking to enhance an entryway with colorful containers or if you are a commercial property manager trying to entice potential new residents, our seasonal color program can help ensure that your property is always appealing.