Patios and Decks

Freshen up your home’s outdoor look with a deck or perhaps a decorative patio. Having trouble finding inspiration for your project? No worries! We are here to help you create and custom design a patio or deck for your specific needs. Often times, the floor or patio acts as the framework for a landscaping projects. Regardless of whether the floor is fashioned from hard or soft landscaping, it will have a major impact on the perception, style, and mood of the landscaped area.

Parking areas, driveways, paths, steps, ramps, courtyards, alcoves, and even entertainment spaces can be constructed with hardscaping. These features will truly complement the garden rather than detract from it. The Northwest provides a variety of patio designs and paving materials to choose from. Our crew is widely knowledgable of hardscaping and will be able to help you determine what size, shape, and style of hardscape that best suits your needs.

Decks and Fences

If you are looking for a multi-tiered deck or a simply designed area for your backyard barbecues, our team of professionals are here to meet with you and work with your idea from start to finish. Decks and fences not only help provide a sense of privacy in a garden, but can also enhance their beauty and functionality. The construction and design of decks and fences are especially important and should reflect the overall theme of the garden.

Our wooden structures are always built with quality materials and a standard of excellence that is always followed. We understand that the variances in the wood grains and shades of decking and fencing materials help create personality and play a role in the structures’ strength and versatility. The woods we choose to use in most structures include clear mahogany, ironwood, and cedar.

A structural guarantee is provided with all of our wooden structures, and they are always built in strict accordance with local codes.