Residential Landscaping

Preserving the Beauty of Your Sanctuary Is in Our Hands

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Residential Landscaping Services

Caring for Your Landscape

Your yard is where you gather with those close to you, it’s where you relax, where your family plays and where memories are made. Pacific Landscape Management offers a wide variety of services that will ensure your yard is well-taken care of, always ready for you to enjoy it.“I specifically look for 3 things in my landscape company.

1) They need to hold a consistent standard of work quality that is above average every week that they service our yard.

2) Attention to detail to point changes in the landscape or improvements that can be done which are cost-effective and enhancing.

3) Follow up and follow through when things are needed out of the ordinary.

PLM has serviced our yard for almost 15 years – I have been extremely happy with their commitment to the same things that are important to me and their relentless drive to get it right. Our landscaping plays a major role in the image of our house – and we take pride in wanting it kept to its very best 12 months out of the year – PLM continues to exceed my expectations no matter what the seasons can bring. Thank you, PLM!

– Armand Tiberio, Vice Chairman, CBREA Sampling of Our Services:

At PLM we have a client first mentality. It is our goal to provide services with the highest attention to detail.

  • 24/7 Emergency Response Services
  • Arbor Care (Tree Trimming)
  • Irrigation Maintenance & Renovations
  • Fertilization
  • Lawn Renovation
  • Mulch Installation
  • Pruning
  • Renovate Plantings
  • Seasonal Color
  • Snow & Ice Services
  • Weed/Pest Control (Licensed)


Organic/Regular Landscape Care

The key to a spectacular year begins with the lawn, it is our promise to treat your yard with care for a well-manicured appearance 365 days a year.


Renovate Plantings

Our horticulturists are to renovate whatever plantings exist in your yard currently – no matter the state your yard is currently in, we are ready to take it to the next level


Seasonal Color

Our team is trained and knowledgeable to design, install and maintain a seasonal color program that will make your yard beautiful all four seasons.